Skincare, between science and beliefs

Your skin is a mysterious organ, both extremely sensitive and very resistant. The diversity of skin types and the huge number of ways to express the skin’s properties make it one of the most misunderstood parts of your body. Our dermatologist is here to set the record straight.

Cleansing your skin both morning and night is essential to keep it healthy

yes, but...

This depends on your skin type. Greasy skin tending towards acne needs to be regularly cleansed to remove dead skin and sebum. Dry skin, however, can be damaged by washing it too frequently. Simply removing your make-up and rinsing with water or a soap-free lotion is sufficient.

The skin around your eyes is more delicate


It is important to hydrate the skin around your eyes and protect it from the sun.

Men don’t need to take care of their skin


Men’s skin may be thicker than women’s for hormonal reasons, but that doesn’t mean you should neglect it. Shaving daily is part of the cleansing process, but the temples, nose and forehead are often forgotten.

Hormones affect the quality of your skin


You can see it during significant hormonal changes, such as after pregnancy or the menopause for example.

Make-up blocks your pores


Especially for greasy skin. It is important to completely remove all traces of make-up with a remover adapted to your skin.

Anti-age skin care based on fruit acids stain your skin


Fruit acids are excellent anti-aging products. However, your skin may become more sensitive to them. This is why you must protect it from the sun when you are treating your skin. Fruit acid treatments are not recommended for the summer months.

The sun accelerates the skin’s aging process


This is the primary cause of aging ! To prevent it, you need to use an effective total sun block, and not expose yourself to the sun.


Greasy skin doesn’t age as fast as dry skin


Genetic and environmental factors (sun, smoking) are more important than the skin type.

It is important to hydrate your skin every day


Especially for dry skin. Other types of skin need specially adapted cosmetics.

What you eat affects your skin quality


Vitamins, anti-oxidants and a good micro-circulatory system improve your skin’s appearance, color and elasticity.

Cosmetics can slow down the skin’s aging process


Some cosmetic products can visibly improve skin quality, protect it and slow aging. Stimulating the skin and cellular regeneration give appreciable results.

Every sun cream is the same


Some creams only provide UVB protection. These are effective against sunburn, but not against aging and the risk of certain types of skin cancer. A good cream must contain both UVB and UVA filters to provide complete protection.

Parabens are carcinogenic


But on the skin, there doesn’t seem to be much harm. Your skin is a very effective barrier against all external threats. Very few substances are able to penetrate the skin and enter the blood, and parabens are not one of them.

Smoking is bad for your skin


Inhaled tobacco smoke and contact with it reduce the skin’s micro-circulation and cellular regeneration. Skin becomes greasy and ages faster.

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