Better sleep

Finally find the answers to deep rest and restorative sleep

Many are not aware of the positive effects quality sleep can have on many aspects of life: weight control, stress management, mood swings and memory loss. Quality sleep can also also prevent heart diseases and preserve brain function. The Better Sleep program provides a combination of traditional and alternative medicines to identify source issues, correct them and treat sleep deprivation. Notably, overnight medical observation allows full in-depth analysis of sleep patterns.

  • Five nights from Sunday to Friday (incl. full board and transfer from/to airport)
  • This program is recommended for guests with sleep issues ranging from light sleep difficulties to severe insomnia.
  • Please contact our reservations department to receive a fully personalized program.
  • Don’t wait any longer and check your risk for sleep apnea now with this 1-minute diagnostic. Download the NOSAS Score app HERE


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After 25 years of insomnia (...) My only regret is that I did not seek this level of professional help years ago.

Gillian de Bono, How To Spend It - Financial Times